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Only 10 Weeks to a New Career and Life


SPS Dental Academy provides training via in person lecture format at our office and in person clinical training at Trinity Community Care clinic.  The Dental Academy Dental Assisting Program is licensed by the State of Michigan as a proprietary school to train students to become dental assistants.  Upon completion of this program, graduates receive a certificate in Dental Assisting.  Additionally, graduates are eligible to challenge two of the Dental Assistant National Board exams: Radiation Health and Safety & Infection Control. 

This program has been designed with high clock hours to ensure students are educated and comprehend the materials while also demonstrating and performing dental assisting duties exceptionally well.  Therefore, students must be dedicated to the curriculum and class schedule.  We do understand that students often have responsibilities outside the classroom and the program has been designed to provide flexibility to accommodate these circumstances.    

The course will run 10 consecutive weeks, with lectures on Monday and Wednesday and clinical training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. At times, Fridays may be utilized for specific training and students will be notified in advance.  104 clock hours will be dedicated to lectures and 50 clock hours will be dedicated to clinical training. Our program packs in the information dental assistants need to know in a convenient yet condensed program.  Students will gain additional experience by completing an optional externship at a participating dental practice or clinic.  This program has been designed by a dentist for dentists; meaning our graduates will be prepared to enter an office with knowledge and clinical abilities to perform duties with exceptional confidence. 


Our admissions representatives are more than happy to schedule a visit and answer any questions you may have about our program.</P>


Next session is January 2022. Get started today to reserve your seat. Classes fill up quickly and we purposely keep each class size small to ensure a more consistent and personal educational experience.

Lecture: Monday and Wednesday 9:00am – 2pm
Clinical Training: Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am – 12:00pm OR 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Flexible hours, choose morning or afternoon clinical training.

Additional Benefits of SPS Dental Academy

Job Interviewing Skills

Who better to teach you how to master superb job interviewing skills and techniques than someone who actually has experience with hiring dental assistants? We will not only teach you exactly what dentists are looking for, but we will also conduct mock interviews with feedback so that you can be sure to make a wonderful first impression that makes you stand out in a crowd.

Job-Specific Training

This program was designed by a dentist for dentists! What does that mean? That means that you will be trained through the perspective of a dentist which will provide you with the skills dentist look for to hire. Not all 10 week programs are alike: we offer over 150 hours in 10 weeks! This is possible as our curriculum works top to bottom through all of the necessary and essential educational requirements needed to sustain a job as a dental assistant. You will receive an in-depth education in dental anatomy, terminology, techniques, infection control, disinfecting, instrument processing, equipment use, and CPR certification.

Michigan Dental Association Radiography Training

The MDA Radiography Training program is utilized to teach the correct skills necessary to operate and use dental radiography equipment as required by the State of Michigan. Upon successful completion of the training, clinical and online exams, a radiography certificate through the Michigan Dental Association.

Externship Experience

Students are encouraged to participate in a clinical externship at partnering clinics. This is not shadowing a dentist and assistant, this is hands-on clinical experience! It is the perfect opportunity for students to use their skills outside of the teaching environment and interact in a professional setting. Externships are the best opportunity to gain more confidence while working with a supervising dentist!

Job Placement Assistance

SPS has a department that specifically provides temporary employment; as well as, holds many permanent positions clients have requested assistance in filling with qualified candidates. Although we cannot promise specific job placement, we do inform students of opportunities that come across our desk based on their performance and aptitude. Due to our vast connections and reputation in the profession, we oftentimes are privy to multiple job opportunities before they are even advertised.

Letter of Recommendation

If we determine that a student has fulfilled all the requirements prescribed by the Dental Assisting Program, we will provide you with a letter of recommendation. This letter will relay to those interested in hiring our students an outline of our program as well as something personal that stood out throughout the course of training. However, it is our policy that we retain the right to refuse the writing of any such letter should we feel it is not truly warranted It is not guaranteed – you need to bring your “A” game, for us to write such a letter.

Graduation Requirements and Certificate of Completion

Students must successfully complete all course work, midterm, clinical and final exams. Students must also complete the externship hours as assigned. In recognition of satisfactory fulfillment of the course requirements, students will earn a Certificate of Completion.

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