What Our Clients Are Saying

"Like probably 90% of the dentists – I don't know the insurance game. I found myself working harder and harder to be profitable and could not figure out why. That is when I had Strategic Practice Solutions evaluate our participation with the insurances. What an eye opener! I learned how much money I was losing and how much of the concept of layering was going on. And, boy, if everybody just knew this process it would make their life a lot easier. And knowing what insurance company in which to participate and which one not to participate with and actually evaluate every insurance in the process. Minimum of 20% increase in our insurance reimbursements across the board is huge. It will allow me now to put a little more technology in to my practice, and actually reward my staff a little bit more."
"I contacted Strategic Practice Solutions from another office's referral to review our insurance policies and help with understanding PPO and rented networks. Tricia and her team have been instrumental in the 20%+ increase of our daily production. I would highly recommend SPS to any office that feels the daily struggle of keeping your office profitable and to understand the insurance game."
Brian Merkel DDS
"Excellent!! I contacted Strategic Practice Solutions for an insurance analysis of our practice. Tricia has been extremely helpful in all ways possible!! She is very knowledgeable and has been there to guide me and answer any questions I had/have. She has not only worked hard to get us the much needed increase, but has helped me understand how insurances actually work. Tricia and Sunshine have worked hard, and are still working, to help move our practice forward! I highly recommend this company and look forward to continuing to work with Tricia."
Carrie Paquette
Office Manager/Anchor Bay Dental
"Strategic Practice Solutions has been a tremendous resource for us. Very knowledgeable, highly skilled, great ideas, on-time responses . . . I can't say enough."
Patty Tinsey-Iseler
Regional Manager/VanDeVelde & Matheson DDS
"I was very pleased with the services provided by Strategic Practice Solutions. I contacted them to go through their insurance analysis and negotiating service and it helped my practice immensely. Due to the continuous help provided by Tricia Casasanta, my employees and I are now able to confidently handle all of the insurance and financial aspects within my dental office."
Sona Fisenkova DDS

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